Urban Layers of Manhattan

Explore the structure of Manhattan’s urban fabric.


Urban Layers is an interactive map created by Morphocode that explores the structure of Manhattan’s urban fabric.

The map lets you navigate through historical fragments of the borough that have been preserved and are currently embedded in its densely built environment. The rigid archipelago of building blocks has been mapped as a succession of structural episodes starting from 1765.


Timescapes is one of the finalists of the 2014 Innovation By Design Awards in the category of Data Visualization.

Four hundred years of New York History are compressed into a twenty-two minute presentation of morphing maps, images, and narration …


It’s an absorbing biography of the city, neatly organized into chapters that outline the city’s explosion out into its five boroughs, up into the skyscrapers, and down into the subway system. - The New Yorker, June 2005